Unique Advantages Lavender Essential Oil From Provence Has

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"Lavender is a plant that grows in specific countries in the world. It is native to North Africa, but it spread across the Europe with the Roman Empire. In addition, it has been used ever since thanks to dozens of healthy, mood and injury benefits this essential oil has to offer. However, one kind of lavender is slightly different. It is lavender from Provence. Maybe it is the best lavender you can possibly find today.

Rich history

We will begin with the history of this community. Here, Cistercian Monks have lived since the 12th century. They have been grown and use lavender ever since, so they know what they are doing. Another, the important fact is that people, who live in Provence and in surrounding areas, also grow lavender since the 12-13th century.

All of this means that they are literally professionals when it comes to growing and making products out of lavender. We will also add the fact that France itself promotes and preserves these lavender fields and they have been used as tourist attraction and main local industry for a few decades.

Specific lavender

Even if you plan to the same plants, but in different places (far away each for the other), they won’t be the same, when they fully develop. This point is focused on the inner chemicals and nutrients a plant has. According to a research, conducted in the United Kingdom, specific plants need special nutrients from the soil, in perfect amounts so they can boost their ingredient levels.

Lavender that grows in the aforementioned location is simply richer in those nutrients than lavender from other parts of the world. It is beneficial, due to the fact all major ingredients come in a versatile form and in much higher amounts than usual. This is also transferred to the essential oil. After all, lavender essential oil is the main product of this plant and the most popular one as well. The bottom line is that the essential oil is richer in nutrients and substances human body needs.

The soil in the lavender fields is safe from pollutants and toxin matters, because this area wasn’t involved in any kind of heavy industry, or anything other that may increase the amount of toxins in it. Because this trend will be continued, we can guarantee that the quality of the local lavender oil will stay the same.

Different production process

Beside the rich history and the special type of lavender, here, you can get essential oil made on a different way. This process is kept as a secret, but it has been used since the 13th century. An interesting thing is that even modern processes cannot achieve the same results as this, old way.

An additional thing to know is that the Cistercian Monks and the local lavender farmers use similar production process. So, when you get lavender essential oil from the Provence, you can be certain that it is made on the best way, by the best professionals when it comes to the lavender production.